Salt Cathedral salute the hustle in “Go and Get it”

    Featuring Big Freedia and Jarina De Marco.

    Salt Cathedral
    Image: Salt Cathedral official Facebook

    Colombian-born pop duo Salt Cathedral have leapt back into the spotlight with “Go and Get it,” a huge collaboration with New Orleans bounce pioneer Big Freedia and Dominican artist Jarina De Marco.

    Any normal attempt to press three such distinct artists into a single song would end up sounding crowded, but “Go and Get it” offers abundant space for each musician to inject their respective flavor into the track.

    De Marco’s youthful vocal contributions keep the track fresh, balancing out Big Freedia’s signature bouncy delivery. “If you a hustler go and get it, go and get it,” Salt Cathedral preach on the chorus, and the trio of artists heed their own message, successfully pulling off this ambitious crossover.

    Psych yourself up with “Go and Get it” here: