Sabrina Carpenter releases new single, “Almost Love”

You'll definitely love this one.

Sabrina Carpenter’s certainly one of the most promising young names in pop. And her new track “Almost Love” is set to push her even further up the charts.

After joining EDM producer Jonas Blue on “Alien,” the 19-year-old starlet has changed up her sound for a sultrier, sexier fusion of R&B and dance. Starting with a slinky, pulsating synth beat, the song’s all about the tensionand thrillof a romance on the brink of becoming something bigger.

“The moment when the light is red before the go / The moment when the curtain’s down before show,” Carpenter sings on the opening verse before the chorus kicks in with a bang.


“Almost Love” was released alongside a lyric video that’s styled like a retro, neon-drenched karaoke clip. You can start perfecting your take by checking out the clip below:

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