Sabrina Carpenter drops new single, “In My Bed”

‘Singular: Act II’ is almost here.

Sabrina Carpenter has dropped a breezy new song, “In My Bed.”

The Mike Sabath-produced track layers the young artist’s soft vocals over lush synths and a bouncy beat. “Turn this pillowcase to the cooler side / Give me something I can feel / ’Cause I wanna turn a page, wanna rearrange / Swing the doors wide open in my mind, no,” she sings. The chorus turns on a sultry line: “I’m still in my bed about it.”

“It’s a clever play on words instead of saying, ‘I’m in my head about it,’” Carpenter told Substream Magazine. “The song is about one of those moments where life feels like a lot to deal with. We took that and turned it into something really fun and vulnerable.”


“In My Bed” is the third single from Carpenter’s forthcoming album, Singular: Act II, following “Exhale” and “Pushing 20.” The record, which drops July 19, is the sequel to last November’s Singular: Act I.

Listen to “In My Bed” below:

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