Robyn releases highly anticipated new song, “Honey”

Get a taste of this.

Swedish pop legend Robyn has just shared some “Honey” with the world—the latest single off her upcoming album of the same name.

The New York Times reported that Robyn’s been working on the track for years now, finessing the lyrics and the production to get as close to perfect as possible. And it seems like all that work’s paid off: “Honey” is a lush dance pop bop that coasts along at an effortless pace, then builds in energy and emotion as it progresses. “Oh, you’re not gonna get what you need / But baby, I have what you want / Come get your honey,” she sings.

Robyn described the track as ‘club music,’ structured so that it doesn’t rise and fall with verses and chorus but maintains a steady rhythm throughout. Whatever you call it, it’s worth a listen. And after the tears-on-the-dancefloor comeback of her last single “Missing U,” this track is further proof that nobody makes pop music quite like Robyn.


Try some “Honey” below:

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