Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi make duo debut with “Monster”

Their first EP is out now.

Red Velvet members Irene and Seulgi have released “Monster,” their debut single as a duo and the title track of their first EP.

In its bold music video, the pair perform the dubstep-influenced song in an abandoned church while surrounded by a troupe of dancers. The clip also includes creepy scenes of the duo in a room of dolls, as well as spine-chilling images of monsters superimposed over their faces.

“I’m a little monster, be scared of me / I’m bothering you, making you dream only about me / I’ll dance and play as I cast a spell / On your body in a nightmare,” Irene and Seulgi harmonize on the chorus.

“Out of all the Red Velvet members, the two of us have spent the most time together, and I think our chemistry will be able to show something new that is different from what we’ve shown as Red Velvet,” Seulgi said of their collaboration in a recent press conference, according to Soompi.


Watch the video for “Monster” here:

And stream their new EP below:


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