Red Velvet release English version of “Bad Boy”

Something special for their international fans.

Red Velvet are one of the biggest K-pop groups on the planet right now, constantly delivering smash hits not only in their homeland, but all over the world. And as a special treat for their fans overseas, they’ve released an English version of their 2017 hit, “Bad Boy.”

Produced by The Stereotypes, the track is just as catchy in English as it is in their native language. “Every time I come around now / Another bad boy down / Got ’em like ooh, ooh,” the group sing in perfect harmony on the chorus. Good luck trying to get the “oh-eh-oh-eh-oh” hook out of your head again—because trust us, you’ll be humming it for days.

“‘Bad Boy’ is one of our biggest fan favorites, so the opportunity to record an all-English version was really special,” member Wendy said in a press release. We’re sure their fans agree.


The song is released together with their latest seven-track EP, Summer Magic, that’s available on Spotify and Apple music.

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