Ravi, Chung Ha spread the love on uplifting collaboration, “Live”

They just want to live for today.

VIXX’s Ravi and soloist Chung Ha have teamed up for an inspiring track, “Live.”

The song incorporates groovy beats, jazzy piano chords and layered vocals from Chung Ha. “Oh, why do I live? I’m excited for tomorrow / I don’t wanna let go of tomorrow / Oh, why do I live? Today seems like a good day to smile / I just wanna live today,” they harmonize

“It’s a song based on the overwhelming pain I felt a few years ago,” Ravi, who wrote the lyrics, said on Instagram. “It may be my story, but to those that sympathize or empathize with me or who went through the same pain or suffering, I want to say I love your life.”


Ravi’s previous solo effort was last June’s K1tchen, his third mixtape, while Chung Ha dropped her seductive single “Gotta Go” in January.

Stream “Live” below:

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