Rain, Jackson Wang stop time in “Magnetic” MV

A cut from Rain’s latest EP, ‘Pieces by Rain.’

Rain and Jackson Wang have released a video for their collaboration, “Magnetic.”

In the clip, portraits of the duo magically come to life, stopping time in the process. Now in human form, Rain and Wang spend the rest of the video exploring the gallery, drinking champagne and admiring the other artwork. “Baby I can be magnetic / Even though we talked for a minute,” they sing. “Oh you got my mind all messed up / Thinking what’s the feeling all caught up.”

“I’ve always looked up to Rain as an artist, ever since ten years ago while joining JYP when I was 17,” Wang told Teen Vogue. “For us to have this incredible collaboration a decade later, having shared almost the same background, from JYP to partnering with Sublime [Artist Agency] where we land coincidentally together, it’s like we’ve gone full circle.”


“Magnetic” is a cut from Rain’s latest EP, Pieces by Rain. The project also featured collaborations with Chung Ha (“Why Don’t We”) and JY Park (“Switch to Me”).

Watch the video for “Magnetic” below:

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