Purple Kiss impress with pre-debut single, “Can We Talk Again”

They’re the juniors to Mamamoo.

Up-and-coming K-pop girl group Purple Kiss have released a new pre-debut single, “Can We Talk Again.”

The seven-member group showcase their impressive vocals on the bittersweet R&B love song. “Can we talk again, can we try again? If only we could go back / And laugh like we used to / Once again, love again, once again, love again / As if nothing happened / I’m going back to you, back again,” they belt on the chorus.

The accompanying video captures the group’s members dealing with heartbreak in their own ways, from a late-night drive to seeking revenge on the one that wronged them.


Purple Kiss are signed to South Korean label Rainbow Bridge World, which is also home to popular groups such as Mamamoo and Oneus.

Watch the video for “Can We Talk Again” below:

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