Prince Fox turns Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” into a dance-y summer anthem

    The 2001 classic gets a fresh, life-affirming spin thanks to the producer's 'future pop' chops.

    Prince Fox Jimmy Eat World The Middle
    Image: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

    Sam Lassner, better known as “Prince Fox,” didn’t just grow up listening to Jimmy Eat World—their songs soundtracked his entire high school life. And just a few days ago, the producer shared with the world his love of the band, dropping a cover of “The Middle” that might be the summer anthem of 2018.

    Fox puts his trademark ‘future pop’ shimmer on the now-classic emo tune. He drops the tempo, adds a four-to-the-floor beat that builds to a crescendo, and even replaces Jim Adkins’ urgent delivery with his understated lilt. Guitars still play a major role in the cover, but Fox—himself a diehard John Mayer fan—uses them as a supporting instrument rather than the star.

    “I absolutely loved the song, and thought it would be cool to do a more chilled-out, windows-down version of the song as the weather finally starts to get warm again this month and next,” he said in an interview.

    Listen to the cover here: