Perfume Genius releases sensual video for “On the Floor”

From his upcoming album, ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately.’

Perfume Genius—real name Mike Hadreas—has released a breathtaking video for his new single, “On the Floor.”

A dirt-streaked Hadreas directs himself in the video, dancing alone in an empty clearing with only a stack of car tires and a rock formation (draped in chains) for company. But Hadreas’ emotive solo routine soon morphs into a sensual partner dance with someone dressed just like him.

In a statement, Hadreas explained the concept for the video: “A crush can really live on its own, separate from you and the person you are pining for. The fantasy feels like its own world, obsession can turn the person you are longing for into a monument that has less and less to do with them and more to do with the idea of love itself and what it can do, what it can soothe or quiet or light on fire. I wanted to show that maddening, solitary part of desire but keep the core which is a real warmth and belief that you have something crucial to share with each other.”


“On the Floor” is another preview of the upcoming Perfume Genius album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, following the single “Describe.” The record is due out May 15 via Matador.

Watch the video for “On the Floor” here:

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