Pentagon wrap up the year with “Eternal Flame”

Dedicated to their loyal fans.

Pentagon have released the song “Eternal Flame.”

The uplifting track was co-written by members Yuto, Kino and Wooseok, and features vocals from Jinho, who is currently on hiatus from the group as he carries out his compulsory military service. The song is dedicated to the band’s fans—who are called Universe—and quotes from fan letters they’ve received over the years.

“A brightly burning flame / We’re a flower that doesn’t wither / Even when we fall, we get up again / Between the walls that I thought were shut tight / I see a light shine on us and our eternal flame,” Jinho and Hui sing on the chorus.


The boyband first debuted “Eternal Flame” on December 13, during their live online concert We L:ve. The concert was staged in support of their latest EP, We:th, which featured the song “Daisy.”

Listen to “Eternal Flame” here:

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