Pentagon return with angsty, dramatic video for “Daisy”

The opening track of their new EP, ‘We:th.’

Pentagon have unveiled their brand-new EP, We:th, fronted by the lead single “Daisy.”

The angsty pop rock anthem dropped alongside an equally dramatic video that features everything from exploding cars to setting things on fire to crying in the rain. “The white petals of a daisy / It drives me crazy / Like a fool, I loved you to death / So what is this? / Lies, it’s all a lie, lies,” leader Hui sings on the chorus.

“Daisy” was co-written and composed by Hui, alongside member Wooseok, both of whom also worked on the song “You Like.” The five-track We:th EP also marks the return of Yanan, after a year-long hiatus. The physical version of We:th also includes the song “I’m Here,” which was written and performed solo by Jinho.


According to Soompi, the EP’s title is a combination of the words “we” and “with,” and is supposed to represent the connection between the boyband and their fans. The project is the group’s appearance on the reality competition Road To Kingdom. Last year, they released the song, “Humph!.”

Watch the video for “Daisy” here:


And stream We:th below:

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