Pentagon channel back-to-school vibes in “Humph!” video

The lead single from their ninth EP, ‘Sum(me:r).’

K-pop boy group Pentagon have released a new video for “Humph!,” a cut from their latest EP, Sum(me:r).

Bright melodies layer over snappy piano notes and catchy hip hop beats on this infectious summer anthem. The Pentagon boys make sure the lyrics of “Humph!” live up to the song’s petulant title, expressing annoyance towards a love interest and cheekily demanding apologies and affection.

The single also arrived with a quirky visual that features the idols as bickering schoolchildren. With vivid color palettes and comical scenes of a baseball match, the clip matches the song’s vibrant sound. Out of the group’s nine members, only eight appear in the video, as vocalist Yan An is sitting out of promotions due to health concerns.


“Humph!” was produced by rapper Giriboy, who previously featured on Heize’s “We Don’t Talk Together.” It’s the lead single of Pentagon’s ninth EP, Sum(me:r), which arrived yesterday. The four-track project is the group’s newest release since March’s Genie:us.

Watch their video for “Humph!” below:


And listen to Sum(me:r) here:

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