P1Harmony release full version of “Breakthrough”

It arrived alongside an energetic video, in collaboration with DAZED.

P1Harmony have released the full version of “Breakthrough,” the intro of their debut EP, Disharmony: Stand Out.

The track dropped alongside a vibrant music video, which was created in collaboration with fashion magazine DAZED Korea. The clip, which is titled “Mix Harmony,” features the boyband performing powerful choreography on a neon-lit set.

“In Mix Harmony, P1Harmony collaborated with designer Yoon KD, 1MILLION choreographer Lee Yoojung and art director May Kim who are professionals of three key areas, such as fashion, performance and artwork in order to showcase the digital single ‘Breakthrough’ in a visual output,” reads a statement for the release.


Back in October, P1Harmony made their debut with their first EP, Disharmony: Stand Out. The group hail from FNC Entertainment, which is also home to groups like SF9, Cherry Bullet and CNBlue.

Watch the video for “Breakthrough” here:

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