ONEUS celebrate Korean culture in video for “Lit”

The lead single from their latest EP, ‘Fly with Us.’

K-pop boyband ONEUS have returned with an energetic video for their latest single, “Lit.”

The clip is a love letter to Korean culture, featuring the group performing on opulent Korean palace-inspired sets while decked out in modern versions of the hanbok (traditional Korean formal wear). The dance pop song is also built around a melodic hook played on the gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument.

“Lit” is the lead single from the boyband’s latest EP, Fly with Us. The six-track project is the follow-up to June’s Raise Us, which featured the song “Twilight.” ONEUS made their debut earlier this year with “Valkyrie.”


Watch the video for “Lit” here:

And stream Fly with Us below:


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