Norah Jones drops new album, ‘Pick Me Up Off the Floor’

Her first full-length record since 2016.

Today, Norah Jones has released her seventh studio album, Pick Me Up Off the Floor—one that she didn’t plan on making.

“I was recording all these singles these past few years and I ended up with a lot of extra songs,” Jones said in an interview with USA Today. “I was trying to not make an album and made one.”

The result? An 11-track record that highlights the Grammy-winning artist’s jazz and blues influences and her signature soulful voice. Jones also wrote seven of the songs herself, and produced nine.


“I just really loved them, and I didn’t want to throw them out. It didn’t make sense to release them all as singles, because it was just too much stuff, and it really felt like an album; they related,” she explained to NPR.

Earlier this year, Jones previewed the record with “I’m Alive,” “How I Weep,” “Tryin’ to Keep it Together” and “Were You Watching.” Pick Me Up Off the Floor, which comes four years since Jones’ last full-length album Day Breaks, was initially slated for a May release, but like many other albums, was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though the world hasn’t returned to complete normalcy yet, Jones felt that shouldn’t stop the album’s rollout because “music doesn’t hurt anyone.” “I thought let’s just release it because … the internet. Everybody is home,” the singer told USA Today. “It’s weird. What are you going to do … stop because it’s weird?”


Listen to Jones’ new album below:

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