No Rome explores different small worlds in “Pink” MV

His sophomore EP, ‘Crying in the Prettiest Places,’ is out now.

London-based Filipino singer No Rome has dropped a video for his new single, “Pink,” that might feel a touch claustrophobic for some.

The neon-tinted MV takes place inside multiple shipping containers—some completely empty, others with a full dining room set or a car—as the singer performs the song. The camera zooms out at the end of the clip, revealing an interconnected network of containers which make up a world of their own.

The “Pink” visual was released alongside Rome’s latest EP, Crying in the Prettiest Places. The six-track project, which also includes songs like the R&B jam “Cashmoney” and the rock-tinged “5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair,” is a follow-up to his 2018 debut EP, RIP Indo Hisashi.


Watch the video for “Pink” below:

And stream Crying in the Prettiest Places here:


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