Monsta X’s new album, ‘All About Luv,’ is out now

The K-pop group’s first English-language record.

All About Luv, Monsta X’s first-ever English language album, has finally landed.

Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, Monsta X’s new studio offering is a deep dive into “relationships and things that we are all dealing with on a daily basis,” the boyband said in a statement. “​We hope that our [fans] Monbebe all over the world will like it, and spread the word, after all, it’s ​all about love,” they added.

The album is pop perfection from start to finish, featuring previously released singles “Middle of the Night,” “Someone’s Someone” and the French Montana-assisted “Who Do You Love?” Closing out the ten-track project is “Beside U,” Monsta X’s collaboration with Pitbull. On it, Mr Worldwide and the boys jet-set across the globe to be with their lovers. “No matter where you are tonight / I’mma fly ’round the whole world to find you,” they sing.

All About Luv was recorded before member Wonho’s departure, according to Billboard. Stream the album below:



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