Monsta X, Steve Aoki “Play it Cool” in new MV

Hotel party, anyone?

K-pop boyband Monsta X and EDM producer Steve Aoki have dropped a vibrant video for the English language version of “Play it Cool.”

In the clip, Aoki drives down an open road as the song comes on the radio. It then cuts to the South Korean group who chill in a luxe hotel room, dance down corridors and have drinks at the bar. The video jumps between the two scenes, until the producer reaches his destination and the song ends.

“Play it Cool” is from Monsta X’s latest record, Take.2 We Are Here., which dropped last month. This isn’t the first K-pop collaboration from Aoki, who previously worked with international sensation BTS on “Waste it on Me.”


Watch the “Play it Cool” MV below:

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