Monsta X preview debut English album with “Middle of the Night”

‘All About Luv’ arrives on Valentine’s Day.

Monsta X have announced their debut English-language album, All About Luv, with the new single, “Middle of the Night.”

In the accompanying video, the boyband sing the melancholic synth pop number while cruising down an empty highway in a convertible. “And I’ll be on the way in the middle of the night / It’s something in the way you’ve been running my mind / If you want me to stay for the rest of my life / You got me, you got me,” member Shownu sings on the chorus.

“Middle of the Night” is the latest taste of All About Luv, following “Someone’s Someone” and “Who Do You Love?,” featuring French Montana. The record is due out next year on Valentine’s Day.

According to Billboard correspondent Tamar Herman, All About Luv will still feature vocals from former member Wonho despite his departure from the group earlier this year.


Watch the video for “Middle of the Night” here:


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