Monsta X go all out in energetic video for “Fantasia”

It’s the lead single of their new EP, ‘Fantasia X.’

Monsta X have returned with a lavish video for “Fantasia,” the lead single off their new EP, Fantasia X.

In the clip, the boyband show off their powerful choreography on luxurious, gold-tinted sets. “Rush in harder, tie it tighter / Try to stop it if you can, fantasia / Fear, erase it, burn it, blazin’ / Remember it again, fantasia,” Monsta X sing on the EDM-inspired song.

“Fantasia” opens Monsta X’s new EP, Fantasia X. The seven-track project is the follow-up to their first English-language album, All About Luv, and features lyrics written by the members.

“This album was a painstaking process,” member Kihyun said during a press showcase, according to Soompi. “We kept changing and adjusting the songs, and we practiced really hard as well. I’m happy that we can show everyone the songs we took such trouble over. It’s not just the vibe from the melody, beat and lyrics, but our performance adds a new element to the songs.”


Fantasia X marks Monsta X’s first Korean-language release as a six-member group, following the departure of Wonho last November. Watch the video for “Fantasia” below:

And stream Fantasia X here:


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