Monsta X continue hot streak with ‘Take.2 We Are Here.’

Steve Aoki features on the track “Play it Cool.”

Monsta X aren’t taking a moment’s rest. Yesterday, the K-pop boyband released their second full-length in five months, Take.2 We Are Here. It’s the sequel to Take 1 Are You There?, released last October.

The group continue to build their club-ready catalog with their new album, which features several dancefloor bangers like “Rodeo,” “Turbulence” and the Steve Aoki-assisted “Play it Cool.” But the boys also slow things down now and again with tunes like the breezy (and ironically titled) “Party Time” and the mid-tempo cut, “Ghost.”

“Recording [‘Play it Cool’] was incredible because I got to work with such talented artists. Their voices and melodies and vocal performance on the track is amazing,” Aoki said to Metro about his experience producing for the group. “I got to work with professionals who really know how to sing the song the way it’s supposed to be sung.”


And it seems like “Play it Cool” won’t be the last time Aoki and Monsta X collaborate. When asked about future collaborations with the boys, he said that he didn’t want to “give away any surprises too early.” “Right now our focus is this song,” Aoki added.

A fiery video for lead single “Alligator” was released alongside the album. In the high-octane clip, the group pull off sleek dance moves on a laser-lit set, intercut with shots of individual members performing the song.

Watch the video for “Alligator” below:


And stream Take.2 We Are Here. below:

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