Momoland teams with Chromance on a cover of his TikTok hit

Hear their take on “Wrap Me in Plastic” here.

Momoland have teamed up with producer Chromance for a cover of his 2020 TikTok hit, “Wrap Me in Plastic.”

The girl group stay true to the synthesized reggae beat, instead adding a new verse in Korean, alongside some fun ad-libs. “So, wrap me in plastic and make me shine / We can make a dollhouse, follow your design / Let’s build a dog out of sticks and twine,” they sing on the chorus.

The cover dropped alongside a fun-loving music video, which fittingly features Momoland as the inhabitants of a large dollhouse. The visual also features scenes of the girl group performing on a neon-lit sound stage in futuristic costumes.


“Wrap Me in Plastic” is Momoland’s first release of 2021. The group previously dropped songs such as “Ready or Not” and “Thumbs Up.” Watch the video for “Wrap Me in Plastic” here:

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