Miley Cyrus is “On a Roll” in her new MV

She performs as Ashley O from her episode of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror.’

Ashley O—aka Miley Cyrus—has released a futuristic video for her empowering single, “On a Roll.”

For the uninitiated, Ashley O is a fictional pop superstar portrayed by Cyrus (à la Hannah Montana) for Netflix’s Black Mirror, in the episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashlee Too.” Snippets of “On a Roll” are played several times throughout the episode, but the full song has only just been made available.

Cyrus dons a purple wig in the clip for the pop anthem, which samples Nine Inch Nails’ 1990 track “Head Like A Hole,” dancing on a stark white set lit by pulsating circular lights. “Yeah, I can’t take it, so don’t you fake it / I know your love’s my destiny / Yeah I can’t take, take it, please demonstrate it / ’Cause I’m going down in history,” she sings.


“On a Roll” is the latest release from Cyrus, who previously dropped She is Coming, the first part of her She is Miley Cyrus LP. The singer is set to complete the record with She is Here and She is Everything later in the year.

Watch the video for “On a Roll” below:

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