Miley Cyrus celebrates women in “Mother’s Daughter” video

    The first visual from ‘She is Coming.’

    Miley Cyrus Mothers Daughter MV
    Miley and Tish Cyrus. Image: Miley Cyrus official YouTube

    Miley Cyrus has released an arresting video for “Mother’s Daughter,” the opening track of her latest EP, She is Coming.

    The video, which stars a latex-clad Cyrus alongside a diverse cast of women, matches the song’s defiant energy. The women coolly stare down the camera as flashing poignant statements declare that “every woman is a riot,” “virginity is a social construct” and “my body, my rules.” The pop star’s mother, Tish Cyrus, makes a special cameo, sitting with her daughter atop a plush embroidered sofa.

    She is Coming, which was released May 31, is the first of three six-song EPs that will collectively form the pop star’s next studio album, She is Miley Cyrus.

    Watch the music video for “Mother’s Daughter” below: