Miguel kills it on “Remember Me” at Oscars 2018

Sorry, Gael Garcia Bernal. The "Sky Walker" hitmaker makes the song from 'Coco' his own.

Gael Garcia Bernal may have voiced the lead character of Coco, but at today’s Academy Awards, he was upstaged during a performance of a song from the film’s soundtrack. After a few seconds crooning “Remember Me” from the Disney/Pixar animated film, the actor steps out of the limelight. And in swaggers a suited-up Miguel as a lively neon-lit set appears from the background.

Miguel is joined by Mexican musical icon Natalia Lafourcade, and the duo let rip into the tune in English and Spanish, respectively. In-between soaring verses, firing pyrotechnics and pirouetting dancers, the two lock arms and proceed to floor the audience. The entire performance lasted less than three minutes, but judging from the chatter online, it was one for the ages.

Written by the folks who penned Frozen’s “Let It Go,” “Remember Me” picked up Best Original Song at this year’s Oscars. It was performed by various artists in Coco itself (Garcia Bernal included), while Miguel and Lafourcade recorded the pop version that features in the film’s credits.


And good news for fans of the movie: Coco was also crowned the Best Animated Film at the ceremony.

Watch the video here:

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