merci, mercy previews debut EP with “Fall Apart” MV

‘no thank you, no thanks’ arrives next month.

Australian singer merci, mercy—aka Mercedes Thorne—has announced her debut EP, no thank you, no thanks, with a video for latest single “Fall Apart.”

The partially animated clip captures Throne spending a quiet day at home, chilling in bed and popping by the fridge for a bite to eat. However, her alone time is constantly interrupted by a boy who won’t stop texting her and commenting on her Instagram posts.

Her animated counterpart has to deal with the outcomes of the boy’s advances, including putting out literal fires and swimming through a house submerged in tears. Throne soon takes things into her own hands by deleting the boy’s contact and blocking him.


Besides “Fall Apart,” Thorne’s debut EP no thank you, no thanks will also feature the previously released “Fuck Myself Up.” The project is due out October 16 via Liberation Records.

Watch the video for “Fall Apart” here:

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