Meghan Trainor releases “Let You Be Right” video

The clip is serving us some early-2000s pop.

Meghan Trainor has just released the video for her latest single, “Let You Be Right”—and it has just about everything you’d want from a pop music video. Think lasers, splashes of colors and plenty of choreography.

It’s the perfect neon-soaked companion to the track, which syncs along with the super-catchy disco rhythm. Trainor and her dancers deliver their smooth moves in a roller rink and sport glam looks—a visual that Britney Spears, circa 1998, would’ve been proud of.

“Let You Be Right” is a modern-day track with hints of vintage bubblegum pop, following M-Train’s equally catchy first single, “No Excuses.” Both are set to be on her third album that’s due later this year.


Watch the clip here:

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