Meet Woollim Entertainment’s up-and-coming trainees on “1M1S”

The fourth release from their ‘W Project’ series.

South Korean label Woollim Entertainment has revived their W Project series to introduce six of their up-and-coming male trainees with the song “1M1S.”

The track features former Produce X 101 contestants Kim Dongyun, Kim Minseo, Joo Changuk and Hwang Yunseong, as well as Woollim trainees Lee Hyeop and Lee Sung Jun. On the song, they get nostalgic about an old flame they can’t forget. The song dropped alongside a video that features the trainees showing off their dance skills on industrial-looking sets.

Woollim Entertainment last released music under its W Project series in 2017. Watch the video for “1M1S” here:


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