‘Manic,’ Halsey’s third studio album, is out now

At long last.

Manic, Halsey’s highly anticipated follow-up to her 2017 sophomore effort Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, has finally arrived.

The album collects 16 tracks, which includes the previously released songs “Graveyard,” “Clementine,” “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” and “You Should be Sad.” “Without Me,” the emotional single that draws on Halsey’s public break-up with rapper G-Eazy, is also featured on the tracklist. Three interludes from Dominic Fike, Alanis Morissette and Suga of K-pop boyband BTS are also included.

A highlight from Manic is “3am,” a song which features a recorded message from John Mayer on the outro, Halsey recently revealed. On it, Mayer celebrates the pop star’s accomplishments and congratulates her on her new song. “He predicted the success of ‘Without Me’ before I had faith in myself,” she wrote on Twitter.


The record dropped alongside a new episode of Road to Manic, a YouTube series that details the leadup to the LP’s release. “The album is really important for me,” Halsey says in the clip, “It has been [about] figuring out what it means for me to be me, what makes me happy.”

Stream Manic here:


And watch the new episode of Road to Manic below:

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