Mamamoo tease new EP with “Dingga”

Their new project, ‘Travel,’ is due out next month.

Mamamoo have returned with “Dingga,” a single from their upcoming EP, Travel.

The accompanying video captures the quartet at a retro roller skating rink, chilling at an old-school diner and playing games at the arcade. The visual ends with a striking change of tone, with the introduction of a dark, seductive flute melody—seemingly a hint of an upcoming single.

“I wanna go play around / I wanna call my friends / And have a drink / Drink like a, like a, like a fish,” they sing on the bouncy pop song. The song’s title comes from the South Korean phrase dingga dingga, which refers to the act of lazily enjoying one’s free time, according to Soompi.


Travel, due out November 3, will be the girl group’s first EP in a year, since Reality in Black. In between the two projects, the quartet have been busy with solo releases such as “Spit it Out” by Solar and “Maria” by Hwasa.

Watch the video for “Dingga” below:

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