Maggie Rogers drops debut album, ‘Heard it in a Past Life’

The LP charts the pop singer’s rise to fame.

Maggie Rogers’ highly anticipated debut, Heard it in a Past Life, finally arrived last Friday.

The album collects 12 tracks, including the previously released “Light On,” “Give a Little” and “Fallingwater.” Songs such as her breakout hit “Alaska” and “On + Off” from her 2017 debut EP, Now That the Light is Fading, also appear on the new record.

In a nutshell, Heard it in a Past Life follows Rogers juggling her new pop star life and romance. “Burning” describes a newfound love, “Past Life” is about coming to terms with change, while the album closer “Back in My Body” depicts the highs and lows of life on the road. All the songs boast sleek pop production courtesy of hitmakers like Greg Kurstin, Rickey Reed and Kid Harpoon, a divergence from Rogers’ older, more folk-inspired work.


In an interview with Junkee, the Maryland singer-songwriter explained her decision to go pop. “It wasn’t even really a conscious choice, it’s just about checking in with myself and wanting it to be who I am now, versus the EP representing who I was then,” she said.

“I think the biggest thing after touring that music for a year and a half, I really wanted to make a record that was going to be really fun to play live. And I went around, [testing] out all these different kinds of music, and where I landed is like a big mix of all of them. There’s more piano and there’s just a guitar on this record. It’s structurally more like a band than an electronic project,” Rogers added.

Stream Heard it in a Past Life below:


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