Lykke Li drops two new songs ahead of new album

Portland-based rapper Aminé makes an appearance on one track.

Just one week left before Lykke Li’s fourth full-length, so sad so sexy, drops and the singer-songwriter has decided to share two more songs ahead of the highly anticipated release.

The first of the pair, “sex money feelings die,” is a lovesick synth pop tune that features a trap-leaning hook. It revolves around a relationship built on a one-night stand and Lykke Li’s fear of attachment. “The words that you don’t say / No love when you hold me / No callin’ the next day, it’s one way, no,” she sings on the song’s opening verse.

The second offering, “two nights,” also deals with a broken relationship. Co-produced by Malay and DJ Dahi, the track hears Aminé rapping a verse that’s directed to the inconsolable Swede. “Don’t be sad, look alive Lykke / Damn right, she gon’ dance on my damn Dickies,” he rhymes.


Listen to both tracks below:

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