Luna of f(x) returns with “Even So”

It’s the girl group member’s first solo release in nearly three years.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from f(x)’s Luna, but she’s finally back with a touching new song, “Even So.”

The Korean singer moves away from the bright pop sound of her Free Somebody EP, towards a chill mid-tempo groove. She shows vocal restraint on the track, keeping things light to complement the song’s bittersweet vibe.

“I wished to comfort and lift up those who fell—to stand up and be strong,” Luna wrote in an Instagram post about the self-penned song. “Don’t worry, we’ll be happier in 2019.”


Luna has mainly busied herself with appearances on a bevy of variety shows since f(x) went on hiatus in 2016. We’re glad she’s starting to put out fresh material. Watch the video for “Even So” below:

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