Loona make debut with electrifying single, “Favorite”

The K-pop group is two years in the making.

Introduced to hallyu fans worldwide in 2016, South Korea’s latest girl group Loona have finally released their first official single as a 12-piece outfit. Now that’s what you call a build-up.

“Favorite” is the end result of two years of anticipation and excitement, and let’s just say it did not disappoint. The track’s an uptempo pop banger that hears the girls serving confident vocals and showing off their harmonizing skills over a high-energy electropop production. Simply put, it’s a seriously impressive inauguration track.

Accompanying the song is a minimalistic music video set in an empty warehouse. In it, the members wear matching schoolgirl uniforms and deliver tight, in-sync choreography to show the world that they’re not here to play.


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