Listen to Taylor Swift’s new song “Only the Young”

Featured in her new Netflix documentary, ‘Miss Americana.’

Taylor Swift has released a brand-new song, “Only the Young,” which features during the end credits of her latest Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

The track, which she co-produced alongside her Lover collaborator Joel Little, was written at the same time as their other songs “Me!” and “The Man.” It’s driven by an irresistible drum beat and takes on a more political stance compared to Swift’s previous works. “Don’t say you’re too tired to fight,” she sings on the pre-chorus, backed by a kids’ choir. “It’s just a matter of time (Can run) / Up there’s the finish line (So run, and run, and run).”

“I wrote [‘Only the Young’] after the [USA] midterm elections, when there were so many young people who rallied for their candidate, whether it was a senator or congressman or congresswoman,” the pop star told Variety. “It was hard to see so many people feel like they had canvassed and done everything and tried so hard. I saw a lot of young people’s hopes dashed.”


Check out “Only the Young” below:

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