Listen to Pitbull’s new song, “Ocean to Ocean”

It samples Toto’s “Africa.”

Pitbull is back with “Ocean to Ocean,” his song for DC Comics’ Aquaman movie, out now in theaters.

Right off the bat, you’re bound to find the song’s melody familiar. The reason? Because Mr 305’s “Ocean to Ocean” is a reimagination of Toto’s iconic “Africa.” Featuring the vocals of Canadian songstress Rhea, the song blends the classic rock tune with pop, transforming it into a total club stomper, complete with all of the trimmings that make a typical Pitbull single.

“They tried to get rid of me / But from ocean to ocean, they’re gonna have to deal with me,” the rapper declares at the top of the track before the beat kicks in. “I still got love for these streets, 305 ’til I die,” he adds.

What do you think of what Pitbull did with Toto’s “Africa”? Check it out below and let us know.


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