Listen to Julia Michaels’ ‘Inner Monologue Part 2’

A sequel to her six-track project from January.

The second installment of Julia Michaels’ Inner Monologue project is out now. 

Simply titled Inner Monologue Part 2, the record collects eight introspective tracks, including a single feature from rising singer-songwriter Tucker Pillsbury (aka ROLE MODEL). On the EP, Michaels deals with body image issues, overcoming heartbreak and her desire for a “fucked up kinda love.” The closing track “Shouldn’t Have Said it,” co-written by Michaels and hitmaker Justin Tranter, is a heartwrenching take on a toxic relationship.

In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Michaels explained that she decided to split Inner Monologue into two parts to coincide with her tour schedule. “I’m going on a lot of tours this year, and I want to just have a new one for each tour. I also don’t want to give all of me too soon, you know?” she said.


Stream Inner Monologue Part 2 below:

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