Listen to Jeong Sewoon’s chill new song, “In the Dark”

The second part of his debut album ‘24’ is finally here.

Jeong Sewoon has released a laid-back new song called “In the Dark.”

The groovy, guitar-driven track was co-written by the singer, Jooyoung and Lovely. The song’s accompanying video captures Jeong as he explores Seoul at night, running through dimly lit streets and deserted tunnels.

“The night comes and takes you away / Into a dark room, into the gloom / The night grows deeper, don’t worry / From that point, you will shine / It’s alright now, hold your head up, look / When you’re in the dark,” he croons.


“In the Dark” appears on the second part of Jeong’s debut album, 24, which is out now. The full LP arrives six months after the first half landed in July 2020.

Watch the video for “In the Dark” here:


And stream part two of 24 below:


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