Listen to Heize’s heartbreaking new EP, ‘Late Autumn’

It was inspired by a recent break-up.

South Korean R&B singer Heize has released a new EP, Late Autumn.

On the six-track project, which she co-wrote, the singer drew inspiration from a recent break-up. “It was autumn then. When we parted ways, I thought, ‘I’m glad we did it before it got any colder.’ If it was as cold as it is in the middle of winter, I would have [just] stayed at home,” Heize told Naver, as translated by Soompi.

“I thought I was lucky to have broken up at a time when I could recover, and the lyrics [of the title track] actually say, ‘I’m glad we did it before it got any colder,’” she added. “The keywords that reflected the seasonal background and feelings were ‘late autumn.’”


The EP arrived alongside a touching video for the opening track, “Falling Leaves are Beautiful.” In the video, the singer revisits old romantic haunts. While on a trip to the countryside, she chances upon her ex, and they end up rekindling their relationship.

Late Autumn is the singer’s follow-up to her debut album, She’s Fine, which arrived earlier this year. She previously dropped the song “We Don’t Talk Together” in July.

Watch the video for “Falling Leaves are Beautiful” here:


And stream Late Autumn below:

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