Listen to Crush’s sophomore album, ‘From Midnight to Sunrise’

“I hope my music can also be something that could have a big influence.”

Singer-songwriter Crush—real name Shin Hyo-seob—has released his long-awaited sophomore album, From Midnight to Sunrise.

The 12-track record is the South Korean musician’s first full-length release under Psy’s P Nation label. The ’90s R&B-influenced LP features an appearance from vocalist Dean, as well as contributions from rappers Zion.T and DPR Live.

“It is a big challenge for me to release, first, a full-length album in this fast-shifting era, and the [less popular musical genre of R&B on this album] could also pose a risk to my current image or position as a singer,” Crush said of the album’s stakes in an interview with Yonhap News Agency. “Despite everything, I want to highlight the meaning of having my music and album recorded… I hope my music can also be something that could have a big influence.”


The album dropped alongside a black-and-white video for the track “Alone.” The clip features Crush performing the heartwarming song on a piano in a dimly lit room. “When you feel alone and darkness takes over / I will always be here to hold you so you won’t be alone / Stay here, you can let out all your tears,” he sings. Light slowly fills the room as the video progresses, revealing a large string section behind the singer.

From Midnight to Sunrise is the follow-up to Crush’s 2014 debut album, Crush on You. Earlier this year, he released the single “Nappa.”

Watch the video for “Alone” here:


And stream From Midnight to Sunrise below:

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