Listen to Charlie Puth, James Taylor duet on “Change”

The song is dedicated to the Parkland students and “any lives lost to senseless gun violence,” said Puth.

“Why can’t we just get along?” croons Charlie Puth in the chorus of “Change,” a collaboration with the one-and-only James Taylor that was released yesterday. It’s a stirring, emotional tune that calls for empathy and compassion—and, given the current state of the world, it couldn’t be a more poignant message.

On the tune, which is reminiscent of Taylor’s folksy ballads, the two artists put on their most imploring voices. “The day we know we’re all the same / Together we can make that change,” goes Puth on the refrain, while Taylor chooses a more direct route: “What a waste, another day / Another good one dying,” he sings.

“This song is dedicated to all of the Parkland students, any lives lost to senseless gun violence, and the world,” Puth wrote on Twitter. The 26-year-old has been vocal about his support for the victims of the tragedy, even performing at the Los Angeles leg of March for Our Lives a few days back.


Check out “Change” here:

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