Listen to Bat for Lashes’ vampiric new album, ‘Lost Girls’

Inspired by the horror-comedy film ‘The Lost Boys.’

Bat for Lashes—aka Natasha Khan—has shared Lost Girls, her fifth studio album.

Lost Girls was based on a screenplay Khan wrote—which was in turn inspired by the ’80s horror-comedy flick The Lost Boys. It furthers her career-long predilection for narrative-driven concept albums, from the folklore-heavy Fur and Gold in 2006, the tale of the desert-bound femme fatale in 2009’s Two Suns and the wedding tragedy of 2016’s The Bride.

“With most albums I’ll start them as a film idea then write a script, a narrative or a story, then I’ll flesh out the soundtrack in my mind and that becomes the album,” Khan revealed in an interview with NME.


Lost Girls taps on the films of Steven Spielberg and John Hughes to create a vampiric world colored by oscillating drums and breathtaking synth arpeggios. The doomy sax solo on “Vampires” and the imperious bass riff on “So Good” are just some of the few sonic highlights that add to the immersion of the world on Lost Girls.

Khan previously dropped videos for album cuts “The Hunger” and “Kids in the Dark.” Listen to Lost Girls in full below:

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