Listen to Alessia Cara’s acoustic edition of “Growing Pains”

Hits you right in the feels.

Alessia Cara has released an acoustic version of her hit single “Growing Pains,” which is set to appear on her upcoming sophomore album, The Pains of Growing.

On it, she’s replaced her trademark glossy synth pop production with an acoustic guitar. It’s a heartfelt spin on the original, capturing Cara’s emotions and allowing her stellar vocals to shine. “Can’t find pieces of my peace of mind / I cry more than I want to admit / But I can’t lie to myself, to anyone,” she belts out on the bridge.

“[In ‘Growing Pains’], I’m opening up about something that I’ve never really talked about before, [and it’s] a lot more personal than anything I’ve put out,” the 22-year-old Grammy winner told Billboard. “What I was trying to accomplish is getting more insight into what I’m going through and being a bit more honest with myself, but also hopefully in turn help someone else through maybe what they’re going through.”


The Pains of Growing is set to arrive later this year. For now, stream the acoustic version of “Growing Pains” below:

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