Lights takes on Drake’s “In My Feelings”

It’s a stripped-down version of the number-one hit.

Say what you want, but Drake’s “In My Feelings” is no doubt one of the biggest smashes of 2018. So it was only a matter of time before other artists would share their own interpretations of Drizzy’s masterpiece.

Fellow Canadian Lights is one of the first out of the gate, and she fits the track so effortlessly, it could almost pass off as her original. Trading the 6 God’s hip hop beat for a more atmospheric, acoustic arrangement, Lights’ cover is softer and gentler, but equally heartfelt.

And if her rendition of “In My Feelings” cover isn’t enough, you’re in luck—because the singer-songwriter has released a compilation cover album titled, Scorpion Side B. Yup, a whole record featuring acoustic editions of Drake’s songs. Y’know, just a casual tribute to Aubrey Graham.


Stream “In My Feelings” and the rest of her covers here:

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