LeeSoRa and BTS’ Suga have a “Song Request”

Written by Tablo of Epik High, with lyrics by both Tablo and Suga.

We’d like to make a “Song Request”: It’s a new mid-tempo ballad by LeeSoRa and BTS’ Suga. The boyband member slows down the pace as he teams up with the veteran balladeer for a sentimental number.

The piano-led ballad features breathy, sincere vocals from Lee, who sings about turning on the radio to break the silence of loneliness. “Hey DJ, play me a song to make me cry / A song that will make me forget that person / And make me cry this suffocating night,” she croons.

Suga comes in with a tender verse to comfort Lee. “I’ll be with you at your birth and your end / Remember we’re always together anywhere / I’ll always console your life / So just lean on me and rest sometimes,” he raps, before Lee returns to wrap up the melancholic track.


The song was released alongside a bittersweet video about a young woman alone at home. She makes coffee, lies on the couch and watches the rain pour, all while listening to the radio and going through the motions. By the end, she comes to terms, of sorts, with her loneliness.

“Song Request” is the latest single from Lee, who last released a full-length album, 8, in 2014. Watch the video below:

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