Lauv releases new ‘Without You’ EP

Plus a new video for “Dishes.”

Lauv has released a brand-new EP titled Without You.

The four-track project was co-written and -produced during quarantine with Amy Allen (Halsey, Selena Gomez), DallasK (Fifth Harmony) and Johnny Simpson (Christina Aguilera, Ava Max), among other collaborators.

Fresh off the release of his new EP, Lauv took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with a tongue-in-cheek caption: “when u just put out the most litty titty ep in the world and ur STILL home in time for moms lasagne.”

Lauv also dropped a music video for “Dishes,” one of the tracks on Without You. In the clip, he dances alone in his kitchen, surrounded by—you guessed it—plates and dishes.


The EP follows Lauv’s debut album released in March, ~how i’m feeling~. It included the songs “Changes,” “Tattoos Together,” “Mean it,” “Fuck, I’m Lonely,” “Sad Forever” and “I’m So Tired.”

Music aside, Lauv also launched a new video and podcast series last month called Breaking Modern Loneliness. Each episode is an open forum discussion between the singer and his guests on issues pertaining to human relationships, mental health and technology.

Stream his new EP below:

And watch the video for “Dishes” here:


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