Lauv, Anne-Marie drop “Fuck, I’m Lonely” collab

It’ll be on the soundtrack to the new season of ‘13 Reasons Why.’

Lauv and Anne-Marie have collaborated on a melancholic new track, “Fuck, I’m Lonely,” which will appear on the soundtrack to the new season of Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.

Earlier 13 Reasons Why soundtrack selections have been on the more morose side of things, but “Fuck, I’m Lonely” lifts the gloom somewhat with an infectious, chiming beat. Though it doesn’t reveal much about the show’s third season, the song gives listeners a taste of Lauv’s upcoming debut LP, How I’m Feeling.

In a statement, Lauv shared his thoughts on 13 Reasons Why: “I believe the show has done amazing work but as we release this song, I wanted to share my thoughts about the show with you: When you watch, watch thoughtfully—start with a close friend who you feel like you can be honest with.”


Anne-Marie, on the other hand, gave some insight into the meaning “Fuck, I’m Lonely” holds for her: “I never really like admitting that I miss someone after a break-up. So here’s a song that does it for me.”

Lauv will release How I’m Feeling track-by-track as he embarks on an international tour in October and November. The third season of 13 Reasons Why will premiere on Netflix August 23.

Listen to “Fuck, I’m Lonely” here:


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