Lauren Jauregui releases new song, “More Than That”

A second serving of sultry pop.

Lauren Jauregui certainly managed to turn heads when she released her debut solo single “Expectations” last year. Now, she’s followed up with “More Than That,” another sultry R&B/pop offering.

Produced by Murda Beatz and Charlie Handsome, the track is a vibey, mid-tempo number that finds the pop star delivering soulful vocals over a lush R&B beat. “I see you watching so I walked into your stare / ’Cause I ain’t in the position to be walking over there,” Jauregui sings on the opening.

But as the track goes on, it becomes clear that this isn’t just another typical love song. Our leading lady is more cunning than she appears to be, attempting to seduce a guy even though she’s already got a man. “If my man know, there’s gon’ be some issues / But take my number down, I just might hit you,” Jauregui teases.


“More Than That” is proof that the former Fifth Harmony member is taking this solo gig seriously and why she’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out below:

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